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Susan Fielder MearsSusan Fielder Mears is an author, businesswoman, entreprenueur, entertainer, and fund-raiser, in the San Diego area. In loving memory, this book is dedicated to her mother, Guynelle, her grandmother, Vivian, and a very special little girl girl named Jennifer, who lost her battle with Leukemia. Susan was named Woman of the Year by Brooks Brothers in 1993 for her fund-raising efforts in support of the Leukemia Society. For this, Susan and Jennifer graced San Diego billboards. She also recently received the 1997 San Diego Business Journal Women in Business Award in marketing. Susan has thoughtfully created this book as a labor of love to assist others in documenting a personal journal to guide loved ones.

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Your Living Legacy: Foreword

I came upon this project out of pain and grief, but mostly out of necessity. While everyone is eager for the celebration surrounding the birth of a new life, it is with trepidation and procrastination we prepare for death. Tomorrow seems a perfect choice for dispersing what has taken a lifetime to accumulate. My mother had planned on living forever, it seemed, and then a wild card took us by surprise, and in a matter of weeks she was gone. In a bedroom drawer I discovered a simpler version of this book, one that I had given her three years earlier. The pages were a blank, pristine white, like clean sheets on a freshly made bed, unmarred by a restless sleeper. It lay empty, much like our bodies do without a spirit. I could only imagine what secrets had never been written, what wishes had never been shared.

Truly you cannot judge a book by its cover, for a book is nothing at all without its contents. I was left in the wake of my mother's leaving to struggle with my brothers over details and deadlines, caught between fairness and futility. Nothing in this world truly belongs to us; rather we are entrusted as caretakers, shepherds in the field of life. My hope is that the anguish of others will be diminished through the use of this journal. So, I encourage you to take the time to fill this out, while the sun is still high in the sky, and leave a legacy to comfort your loved ones in the days and weeks after your death. On these pages you can provide answers to the many questions that remain once you are gone. On these pages you can make sure you will not be forgotten.

            -Susan Fielder Mears

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